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Las Lentejas Pardina Natural Españolas son conocidas por su pequeño tamaño y color marrón, de ahí su nombre. Estas lentejas, conocidas en español como “Lentejas Pardinas”, son de categoría extra y se preparan de forma muy artesanal.

Son muy tiernas, no se nota la piel, el sabor es natural y marcadamente leguminoso. Una vez que pruebes nuestras legumbres no querrás otras, por algo no hay en España un hogar en el que no haya un bote de lentejas en la despensa.


¿Cómo usar las lentejas pardinas?

Si bien se pueden usar para hacer ensaladas frías, su uso más típico en la cocina española es para preparar lentejas con chorizo y morcilla, uno de los platos más populares de la gastronomía de España. También existe una versión vegetariana, ya que es común hacer este plato sustituyendo el chorizo por verduras como alcachofas, zanahorias, etc.



Producto de España. Región de Navarra, España



1 kg/1.1 oz


Lentejas, agua, sal.


Guardar en un lugar fresco y seco. Refrigerar después de abrir.

Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opened.

From Navarra region, Spain

Since its foundation back in 1986, Rosara has had the primary goal of offering quality. That's why we select those fruits of renowned prestige and with designation of origin, such as Navarre asparagus or Lodosa Piquillo peppers. And, of course, we bet on meticulous artisanal production, with everything it implies: hand-peeled, packed without preservatives or colorants, roasted with firewood, etc. The quality of our products is the driving force behind everything we do at Rosara Artisan Preserves.

It's not enough to select the best fruits from the land; caring for the preparation is also very important. That's why we make our products in an artisanal way, always seeking the best result, without skimping on expenses or effort. Additionally, we like to research and expand our catalog with new products and cooked dishes. Some are made following the traditional recipe to the letter, while others are the result of our innovation in the kitchen. Homemade preparation

The secret to the success of Rosara products is undoubtedly our artisanal preparation. For example, we roast our Piquillo peppers with beechwood and then peel them by hand and without water, to not distort their flavor. Similarly, we treat all our products with the special dedication that each of them requires. Quality above all.

Another important part of our artisanal process is that we do not add any preservatives, colorants, starch, flours, or stabilizers to our products that could damage their authentic flavor.

In the preparation process, we spare no means or dedication if we believe that the product will gain both in flavor and in quality, but always in the most natural and artisanal way, as we have always done.

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