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Coarse Salt by La Cococha


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The Coarse Salt by La Cococha is a gourmet salt with coarse granulation, which is exceptionally fine yet rich in trace minerals. It is extracted from the Mediterranean Sea and is a Spanish condiment indispensable in the Mediterranean diet.

Since the dawn of history, salt has been one of the essential ingredients for life. Through favorable climatic conditions, saltwater from the sea is naturally evaporated within salt pans, transforming it into crystals of utmost purity.


How to use Coarse Salt?

Coarse salt is used in Spanish gastronomy primarily for grilling or barbecuing meats, as well as for grilling seafood such as shrimp or prawns. It is also used for baking whole fish in a salt crust, a traditional technique that helps retain moisture and enhances the fish's flavor. Additionally, coarse salt can be used to garnish and add texture to finished dishes such as salads, carpaccios, or even desserts like salted chocolate.

  • Origin: Product of Spain.
  • Size: 225 g/8 oz
  • Ingredients: Salt.



$7.99 $4.99