About us

Our mission: Bringing the best of Spain to help you create unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

Who we are?

Story About Us

We are a married couple consisting of Guillermo, a native of Seville (Spain), and Milana, a native of Zlin (Czech Republic), but passionate about Spain, its people, culture, and gastronomy. For 10 years, she lived in various cities in Spain.

Since 2021, we have been residents in the United States, initially residing in Philadelphia, PA, and Washington, DC. After being affected by a massive layoff in our previous company, we decided to take this as an opportunity to start something new. We decided to settle in Miami, FL, and establish our own company: Ibérico Taste.

But not only did the company emerge; we also strengthened our connection with the U.S. with the birth of our baby, Patrik, in November 2023.

Why Choose Us

Our Unique Things

We offer you a superior shopping experience based on these principles:


We work exclusively with Spanish products, both from large producers and from small local businesses that produce artisanally.

Low prices always

We sacrifice part of our margin to offer the best of Spain at the lowest possible prices.

Unbeatable customer service

We offer various methods of contact and commit to assisting you with anything you need to ensure you are satisfied with your order.

Packaged with love

We understand the excitement with which you await your Spanish products, so we strive to provide packaging that matches the quality of our products.

Quality Guaranteed

Committed to Quality and Authenticity

As a family-owned business, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and attention to detail. Every product we offer is meticulously selected to ensure its authenticity and quality. Our commitment is to always offer 100% Spanish products, selecting producers with a great reputation for their quality and authenticity.

Additionally, for our shipments, we use packaging manufactured solely in the USA, rejecting materials of lower cost but produced in other countries. With this approach, we also aim to reinforce our contribution to the economy of the USA.

We prepare and send out our orders with the utmost care to offer a quality that matches our products. We understand the excitement and expectations when a customer makes a purchase of Spanish products from our store, and therefore, we consider this aspect crucial in conveying the essence of Spanish products and ensuring that the shopping experience at Ibérico Taste is unique, setting us apart from other Spanish product stores.

Our Strength

We Are Spanish Gourmet Products Advisors

We place great importance on product quality, but also on the history of the producers. We select the products with a more human and emotional criterion, delving into the details that make them different and above all, unique.

A place where people like us, demanding and lovers of the best in gastronomy, find products of the highest quality and with the guarantee of Guillermo and Milana.

In such a global and increasingly complex world, sharing our knowledge and advice with people from all over the world excites us and makes us vibrate. We share that passion and that value that producers have who help preserve our land, and so that more people can get to know their artisan products full of love and quality from all sides.

We are specialists in recommending the brands that deserve to be recognized as the references in their category, and we blindly believe in Spanish gourmet products, which share human values, today, essential, and which are the cornerstone of our philosophy: sustainability, healthy food, local, organic, biodynamic and natural products.

So that the value of each brand is recognized, we explain its history with emotion, with a close and transparent language. This way it reaches our customers directly, who also enjoy getting excited about the best Spanish gourmet products.

Our relationships are built on trust, transparency, and honesty. These are our values, and they are also what we demand when establishing new collaborations.

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