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Sliced Ham

Sliced Ham

Enjoy the best Serrano and Ibérico ham in the easiest way with our selection of finely sliced ham from the best producers in Spain. Just open the package, pair it with a glass of red wine and some bread, and enjoy!

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a plate with slices of Jamon Iberico, a grey package and some crackers on a black table
Jamón 100% Ibérico Acorn-Fed 2 oz by Covap


Sliced Ibérico Ham Bellota by Covap - 2 oz


Ham Shoulder 100% Ibérico Acorn-fed 1.5 oz by Cinco Jotas
a brown package of Iberian ham Cinco Jotas


Sliced Ibérico Ham Shoulder Bellota Cinco Jotas

From $21.99

Jamon Iberico de Bellota Pata Negra Tasting
Jamon Iberico de Bellota Pata Negra Tasting


Sliced Ibérico Ham Bellota - Pata Negra Tasting

$115.87 $105.00
sliced Jamon 50 Iberico Fermin on a plate
a white package of Iberico Grain-Fed Ham


Sliced 50% Ibérico Ham by Fermin


a package of jamon serrano on a wooden table
a package of Serrano Ham


Sliced Serrano Ham by Fermin