Rafa Gorrotxategi

Ruby Chocolate with Dried Strawberries


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The Ruby Chocolate with Dried Strawberries is a handcrafted ruby chocolate with 48% of the best cocoa, boosted with strawberries and rose petals. Crafted by the renowned pastry chef Rafa Gorrotxategi, it is a Spanish delicatessen made with top quality and natural ingredients, resulting in an exquisite chocolate packaged in a way that also makes it ideal for gifting.

Chocolate Ruby is a new variety of chocolate, pink in color, made with the Ruby cocoa bean, which has not been genetically modified, without adding dyes or flavors. It is the fourth category after dark, milk and white chocolate.

We have tried it, and we assure you that it is delicious!



Product of Spain. Tolosa, Spain



100 g/3.53 oz




Store in a cool, dry place.