tuna loins with tomato and bread

Bluefin Tuna Loins in Organic EVOO Montadito

by Guillermo Pabon Garcia on Apr 06, 2024


Easy tapas recipe!🇪🇸 Try our Bluefin Tuna Loins in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil on bread with fresh tomato 🥖 🍅 🐟 . Quick, healthy, and oh-so-delicious! This tuna is sourced from the most prized pieces of almadraba bluefin tuna (Thunnus Thynnus), wild caught in the Estrecho de Gibraltar area, in the southern Atlantic Ocean area of Spain. It is considered the best tuna in the world, renowned for its spectacular color, flavour and texture.


10 min.



Delicious, gourmet, healthy... the list of adjectives for this recipe is endless! Our bluefin tuna loins in extra virgin organic olive oil Montadito is a tapa that you can prepare in just a few minutes, but it's on par with other recipes that require much more time and ingredients. We leave you the recipe here.

Step 1

Slice fresh tomato and bread

Step 2

Place sliced tomato on the bread and add a piece of tuna loins.

Step 3

Finally, drizzle everything with extra virgin olive oil directly from the red tuna loin glass. That’s it!

¡Buen provecho!


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