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Anchovies in Organic Butter by M.A. Revilla



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One of our top gourmet products: our delicious Cantabrian Anchovies in Organic Butter by M.A. Revilla. From Santoña (Cantabria), a coastal and small town located in northern Spain where the world’s best anchovies are produced.

They recovered the original preparation of anchoas, as they were consumed in Italy at the end of the XIX century: the finest anchovies slathered in the best butter. M.A. Revilla selects the finest anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea. Afterward, they carefully place them one by one in the tin manually, and finally, they add melted organic butter, which once cooled forms a delicious butter, blending the dairy flavor with the salty taste of the anchovy. We're talking about a gourmet Spanish tapa, only suitable for palates seeking the best food from Spain.

A Spanish delicatessen that will surprise you!


How to eat the Anchovies in Organic Butter?

Spread a little butter on a quality bread first, and place the anchovy on top. You can also pair it with Spanish crackers and we advise you not to add anything else! It's a gourmet product with a delicious flavor that doesn't need anything else to enhance its incomparable taste. Enjoy it with a good white wine.



"Great Taste" award winner in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2023



Product of Spain. Santoña (Cantabria), Spain



120 g/4.23 oz. Contains 12-14 fillets.


Cantabrian Anchovies (Engraulis Encrasicolus, FAO 27), organic butter 43%, olive oil 7%, and salt.


Keep refrigerated. Before consuming, leave the can open at room temperature for 30 minutes, in this way the butter is tempered and a very pleasant cream is left.

Keep refrigerated.

From Santoña (Cantabria), Spain

The owners of MA Revilla, began in January 2013, and in order to recover the family and artisan tradition, to make the salted Cantabrian Anchovies MA REVILLA®. Its Cantabrian anchovies belong to the Engraulis Encrasicolus species, caught in the fishing grounds of the Cantabrian Sea during the spring coastal season.

They are the tastiest and most sought after on the market. After being caught, cleaned and matured in salting (between 10 and 15 months), they are handcrafted with the highest quality raw materials in our factory in Santoña (Cantabria).

The MA REVILLA® brand is committed to Don Miguel Ángel Revilla (President of Cantabria for the last 20 years) to comply with the conditions that he stated for the use of his name, that they be top quality anchovies, the company contributes e 2% of the profits in charitable causes in –Cantabria, specifically with the Daughters of Charity, who help feed the most needy in Cantabria.

So, with these wonderful anchovies, on the one hand, you will enjoy an exquisite delicacy, and on the other hand, you will be contributing to a good cause.

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Customer Reviews

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David Bryant

This is one of the best things I've ever eaten!! And that butter on bread... I'll definitely be repeating this!