Morcilla Ibérica Blood Sausage by Fermin



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Introducing our exquisite Morcilla Spanish Blood Sausage Fermin, a savory Spanish cured meat that embodies the rich flavors of Spanish cuisine.

Made from the finest ingredients and sourced from free-range Ibérico pigs, it is a premium morcilla blood sausage that promises to tantalize your taste buds. Crafted with care and expertise by Fermin, this is a traditional Spanish sausage renowned for its distinctive taste and texture, perfect for cooked consumption.


What is Morcilla?

Morcilla is a typical Spanish blood sausage made by cooking pork blood with a filler until it congeals, and then blended with some Spanish spices.


How to eat Morcilla?

It must be grilled to a minimum temperature of 160°F. You can include it in your favorite meat stews, or when cooking beans or chickpeas with chorizo. We also recommend cooking it and adding it to fried eggs, or simply enjoying it with a slice of bread to fully appreciate its flavor.



Product of Spain. La Alberca (Salamanca), Spain



50 g/5.28 oz


Ibérico pork fat, pumpkin, bread, blood, paprika, onion, salt and oregano.


Refrigeration required. Must be cooked before consuming.