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Melva Canutera Fillets in Olive Oil



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One of our top and exclusive preserves. Melva Canutera is a premium tinned fish from Andalucia. They are whole fillets cleaned, uniformly sized and hand-placed one by one in the can. The fillets are whitish in color with an intense and pleasant aroma and flavor, characteristic of this fish species. The texture is compact and firm, notable for its delicacy and low fat content.


What is Melva Canutera?

The melva, a blue fish belonging to the same family as Tuna or Mackerel, the "scombridae," despite this, is much smaller in size. Generally, Melva is well-known, especially in the Andalusian region, but not as much in the north, where Bonito Tuna stands out, a very similar fish distinguished by having two dorsal fins that are widely separated from each other. The name by which this product is known comes from the appearance of its fillets once extracted, which resemble small canes.

The main characteristic of this raw material is its reduced weight and color. When we talk about "Melva Canutera," we refer to a species whose adult weight, ready for capture and consumption, usually does not exceed 600 grams, which requires more raw material to obtain each format. Regarding size, this species averages about 55 cm, making it not a large fish.

This species has a bluish color in its fine skin and lacks scales; however, once the product is cooked and peeled, the clear color of its delicious flesh stands out, providing many benefits and properties for our health. The entire production process is carried out manually with all the care and love of our staff dedicated to its production and without adding any preservatives or colorants, using only natural raw materials such as melva itself, olive oil, and sea salt.

Generally, the fishing season for this fish species usually takes place from June to October, and it is the moment when we acquire the raw material to produce the fresh food, thus preserving its characteristics and flavor.


Nutritional properties of Melva Canutera

Melva is an excellent source of high-quality proteins, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for heart and brain health. It is also rich in B vitamins such as niacin (vitamin B3) and vitamin B12, important for energy metabolism and nervous system function. Additionally, melva contains minerals like iron, zinc, and selenium, essential for various bodily functions, including immune system support and energy production.


How to eat Melva Canutera?

Create your Spanish tapa and enjoy them on top of a slice of bread soaked in their own oil. You can also add a different touch by adding chopped fresh tomato on top, extra virgin olive oil, Sherry vinegar and salt.



Product of Spain. Tarifa (Cádiz), Spain



280 g/9.87 oz


Melva canutera fillets, olive oil, salt.


Store in a cool, dry place. Keep refrigerated after opening.


Customer Reviews

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Matt L
Amazing new flavor

It's the first time I heard about melva. I was curious and tried it, and I have to say it was worth it. It's similar to mackerel but not the same. Juicy and thick fillets with an incredible flavor.