Ciudad de Sansueña

Aged Cheese with Black Garlic by Ciudad de Sansueña


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The aged cheese with black garlic by Ciudad de Sansueña is a cheese made using select raw sheep's milk and a special selection of black garlic, following a traditional recipe. The milk is thermized and unpasteurized to preserve all its natural and organoleptic properties.

Using natural rennets, we coagulate the milk. The curd is then transferred to the filling machine to be introduced into molds with 5% black garlic. Afterwards, they are placed in the pressing area to extract excess whey. Once the pressing time is over, the cheese is unmolded and placed into brine.

This process results in a natural rind free from artificial products. During 11 months of aging in the chambers, the black garlic will meld with the cheese, imparting its nutrients and aromas. The outcome is a natural, unique, and healthy product, and a pleasure to savor.


How to pair the Black Garlic Cheese?

Pair it with fruits like apples or fresh grapes. Add a sweet touch by combining it with membrillo quince paste, candied almonds or hazelnuts, or honey. We also love eating it with bread and a drizzle of good extra virgin olive oil; we assure you it's delicious!



11 months



Product of Spain. Zamora, Spain



250g/8.81 oz


Raw sheep´s milk, black garlic, salt, rennet, egg lysozyme.


Keep refrigerated.


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