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El Almendro Turron Torta Imperial



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The El Almendro Turron Torta Imperial is a traditional Spanish Candy made with almonds, caramel (honey and sugar) and egg white, to get the characteristic white colour. This Spanish Turron is Supreme Quality and is present in every Spanish home at Christmas.

The Torta Imperial Candy has a flavor similar to Turron Duro (hard nougat) because its ingredients are the same. However, the difference between them is that the Torta Imperial is thinner but larger in size, making it easier to break.

El Almendro is one of the most traditional brands of nougat in Spain, crafting nougats and other Christmas sweets with top-quality ingredients since 1883. Quality guaranteed!



Product of Spain. Alicante, Spain



200 g/7 oz


Selected toasted almonds (63%), honey (18.7%), sugar, wafer (potato starch, sunflower oil), egg white.


Store in a cool, dry place.

Store in a cool, dry place.

From Jijona (Alicante), Spain

The Spanish turrones El Almendro were born in 1868 in Jijona (Alicante). Hence comes the name by which they are also known the Spanish nougats, "Turron de Jijona."

In 1914, international expansion began, with turrones also being produced in Cuba. Over all these years, Turrones El Almendro has been expanding its variety of sweets, which can be consumed throughout the year, with the most typical time being Christmas. Today, Turrones El Almendro is one of the most popular brands of turrones in Spain, but also worldwide, as it has a presence in numerous countries.

As a curious fact, since 2021 the company has its own almond field, which provides the almonds for the production of the turrones in its "Cosecha propia" range."