Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil Koroneiki Variety



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The Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil Koroneiki is a premium olive oil renowned for its unprocessed purity and rich flavor. Carefully crafted by Isbilya, this gourmet olive oil retains its natural essence and nutrients, offering a truly authentic taste experience, and we can tell you that it is one of the best olive oils we have ever tried in our lives.



Their cultivation process has benefited from the know-how of three generations and the modern technologies derived from research and development by well-known universities and agricultural research centers. The trees follow a continuous hedge system, granting maximum sun exposure and light to the foliage, which enhances the production of more fatty acids and ensures the homogeneous ripeness of the olives.

The production process, from the olives in the olive grove to the obtaining of the oil, involves the following stages: The fruit is harvested in mid-October, which increases the fruity taste of the oil but reduces the quantity of oil obtained. Olives are harvested at night to maintain the low temperature of the fruit just before extraction, thus following a true cold extraction process (<71.6°F). The result is a pure, concentrated elixir of olives. Olives are harvested with over-the-row machinery. This allows us to pick all the olives in one day, thus preserving the homogeneous quality of our final product. Our olives are pressed in less than 2 hours after picking them.

Enjoy the distinctive aroma and robust flavor of this gourmet Spanish olive oil!


How to use this olive oil?

For palates that love strong and spicy flavors, seeking an explosion of intense greenery in their mouth. Ideal for accompanying bold dishes such as cecina, salmorejo, or octopus, and even to be enjoyed on its own to savor its flavor.



Golden Medal in the Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards 2023.



Koroneiki olives. Koroneiki, originally a Greek variety, produces intense, powerful oils with great personality.


Tasting notes

On the palate, with balanced bitterness and spiciness on the palate, it stands out for its notes of nuts, especially walnut, and vegetables via retronasal, with a high persistence finish.

On the nose, a complex oil on the nose with high-intensity green attributes where notes of leaf and freshly cut grass are combined.



Product of Spain. Sevilla, Spain



500 ml/16.9 oz


Store in a cool, dry place.


They don't view the field as a traditional sector, nor do they carry out the elaboration processes in the conventional manner. An important factor is their commitment to promoting year-round employment rather than seasonal work, and they prioritize transparency by openly sharing information with those who trust them.

Isbilya prioritizes selling quality, or rather, very high quality products, because they are honest about their practices and beliefs. Established in 2012, they have continuously pushed forward, with their sights set on global reach.

With over 40 hectares planted in the heart of Aljarafe (Seville), Isbilya benefits from an exceptional environment where they cultivate four olive varieties: Arbequina, Arbosana, Koroneiki, and Sikitita. They dedicate considerable resources to caring for their olive trees while preserving the native fauna and flora.

Teresa and Ángel Martínez, the founders of Isbilya, reflect on the time and effort invested in their venture. As a biologist and chemist, respectively, they have poured countless sleepless nights into creating products that excite people and rejuvenating the extra virgin olive oil sector. Despite the challenges, they believe every effort has been worthwhile.


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