Sliced Ibérico Ham Bellota by Montaraz - 1.5 oz



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Exquisite Sliced Ibérico Ham de Bellota by Montaraz. Meticulously crafted by master ham artisans from 100% Iberico pigs raised freely and fed with acorns during the Montanera season, these ham legs undergo a slow curing process in our natural drying sheds, turning this Spanish cured meat into a true work of art.

Montaraz is synonymous with tradition. With over 130 years of heritage, these Ibérico Hams are made strictly with traditional production methods, preserving the centuries-old salting and curing techniques in our natural drying sheds. Salt and patience remain their only secrets to preservation, these are the key of the exquisite flavor and aroma that define these Pata Negra hams.

Its taste is characterized by its full, pure, and well-defined profile. It boasts a clean, balanced bouquet with a soft, creamy texture—an unforgettable experience. It comes thinly sliced, making it an ideal addition to gourmet Spanish tapas.


How to eat Jamón Ibérico de Bellota Montaraz?

Create a charcuterie board featuring thinly sliced bellota ham, complemented by an assortment of Spanish crackers such as Picos Camperos or crusty bread, and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. The crispy texture of crackers and the softness of bread provide the perfect canvas to showcase the savory taste of the ham, while the richness of olive oil enhances its exquisite flavor profile.



Product of Spain. Extremadura region, Spain



42.5 g/1.5 oz


Ibérico de Bellota pork ham and sea salt.


No refrigeration needed. Store in a dry, cool place. Refrigerate after opening.

Keep refrigerated.

From Extremadura, Spain

At Montaraz, we have been guardians since 1890—across five generations—of a unique and 100% natural process, free from additives and preservatives. Thanks to our method, which involves only sea salt and a slow, controlled curing process in our natural drying sheds, we achieve a sublime ham with an intense aroma and unparalleled flavor.

Each Montaraz product originates from the finest specimens of Iberian pigs raised in the Extremadura dehesa. Half of our hams and shoulders are cured in Salamanca, while the other half undergoes the process in Olivenza. This results in two distinct 'types' of Montaraz. The milder climate of Salamanca yields hams and shoulders with a delicate flavor profile. In Extremadura, with its higher temperatures, the final product exhibits a more intense flavor. However, both locations produce unique pieces, 100% natural, with only two ingredients added to the meat: salt and time. There is no room for any nitrites, nitrates, or allergens in our products.

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