two jamon iberico and manchego cheese on toast

Jamon Iberico & Manchego on Toast

by Guillermo Pabon Garcia on Apr 06, 2024


What happens when you combine Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Jamón Ibérico de Bellota Pata Negra, Manchego Cheese, tomato, and bread? Well, you get a delicious, gourmet, and healthy recipe in just 15 minutes! We present to you our “Picadito” toast, a dish that brings together the top products of Spanish gastronomy. 



Step 1

Cut the cheese and ham into small cubes and mix them in a bowl, forming the “Picadito.”

Step 2

Beat 1 fresh tomato.

Step 3

Pour the crushed tomato on top. Add the cheese and ham mixture.

Step 4

Press them slightly so they stick to the tomato and don’t fall off... and you’re done!

¡Buen provecho!


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