Dried Red Pepper Ñoras



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The Dried Red Pepper Ñoras is a pepper characterized by its small size, its rounded shape and its red color. It is usually left in the sun for its subsequent drying.

Known in Spanish as "Ñoras", its flavor is unique and distinctive, making it difficult to describe precisely. These are a type of dried red pepper characterized by their sweetness and a subtle smoky undertone. They possess a complex flavor profile that combines fruity and mildly spicy notes with an earthy, smoky background. Their flavor intensifies during the drying process, imparting additional depth and richness.


What is Ñora?

Ñoras is a dried red pepper commonly used in Spanish cuisine to impart a unique flavor to dishes such as sofritos, sauces, stews, and rice dishes. Their flavor is essential to many traditional recipes like Paella, Fideua or some sauces like mojo picon, and adds a distinctive dimension to Mediterranean gastronomy.



Product of Spain. Alicante, Spain



120 g/4.23 oz


100% Dried red peppers.


Store in a cool, dry place.