Spanish Salchichon Sausage by Palacios



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This Spanish Salchichon Sausage by Palacios is a classic in Spanish households. The perfect sausage for snacking, though we warn you that once you start, you won't be able to stop eating it! With its mild and delicious flavor, it's perfect any time of the day.

Made from high-quality lean meat and expertly cured, each slice of Spanish Salchichon Sausage is bursting with flavor. Whether you're hosting a tapas night or looking for an addition to your meals, this Spanish Salchichon Sausage is the perfect choice. Discover the authentic taste of Spain with every bite!


How to eat Spanish Salchichón Sausage?

Enjoy it thinly sliced on a charcuterie board, paired with crusty bread and your favorite cheese, or simply savor it on its own as a delightful snack.



Product of Spain. La Rioja region, Spain



225 g/7.5 oz




No refrigeration needed. Store in a dry, cool place. Small crystals or Harmless white mold on the exterior may occur and it is completely safe to eat. It can be wiped off using a cloth and some olive oil.