Torres Chips: The Most Appreciated Spanish Chips Since 1969

Torres Chips: The Most Appreciated Spanish Chips Since 1969

by Guillermo Pabon Garcia on May 23, 2024

Okay, we admit it, we are also big fans of our Torres potato chips. And it’s not just because we sell them, but because they are incredibly good. It's no wonder, as we’ve been making them for over 50 years, selecting the best ingredients and crafting them by hand. The result: possibly the best potato chips in the world (and we’re not exaggerating). Next, you’ll discover all the secrets that make them one of our bestsellers. Spoiler alert: our favorite is the black truffle flavor.

History and Philosophy of Torres Chips

Torres Chips has been a symbol of quality and innovation in the snack industry since 1969. Its rich history and unwavering commitment to excellence set it apart.

Founding and Early Years

Founded in 1969, Torres Chips began as a small family business in Barcelona, Spain. The founders focused on creating a product that combined traditional methods with high-quality ingredients, quickly garnering a loyal customer base.

Commitment to Quality

Quality has always been at the core of Torres Chips' philosophy. The brand prioritizes sourcing the finest raw materials, which include premium potatoes, extra virgin olive oil, and Mediterranean herbs. This dedication ensures each chip boasts a superior taste and texture.

Innovative Approach

Earlier, we mentioned that our favorite is the black truffle flavor, but we also have a ton of innovative flavors, all of which are, of course, delicious. This innovation has played a crucial role in Torres Chips' success. The company continuously explores new and unique flavors, such as black truffle and caviar, to appeal to gourmet snack lovers. Torres Chips integrates modern culinary trends with traditional craftsmanship, offering a unique snacking experience.

A 100% Artisanal Production Process

One of the secrets to the quality, flavor, and unmatched texture of Torres potato chips lies in the production process. They are crafted artisanally, with care taken at every step, which is reflected in the final result.

Cultivation and Preservation

From the best fields of the Iberian Peninsula comes their agria variety potato, cultivated with the expertise of their farmers, with whom they have been working for over 30 years. The potatoes are stored in their facilities under optimal conditions to preserve them until the production process begins.

Peeling, Slicing and Drying

The production process begins with peeling. Afterward, the eyes are removed, leaving the potatoes free of impurities and ready for washing. The potatoes are then sliced to the appropriate thickness to achieve maximum flavor and crispy texture. The slices fall onto a conveyor belt that transports them to the fryer, losing any excess water along the way.

Frying, Salting and Cooling

In this process, the potatoes are fried for an estimated time and are constantly stirred manually to ensure uniformity and the highest quality of the final product. This phase allows the potatoes to shed any excess frying oil and prepares them for subsequent salting. Once fried, the potatoes are seasoned with the optimal amount of salt, adding the perfect touch to their delicious flavor. Once fried and salted, the potatoes need to cool down before continuing with the process. Therefore, they will rest for a while to allow for proper cooling.

Selection and Packaging

The skilled Torres team will meticulously select and remove any potatoes that do not meet the stringent quality standards set by Torres. Once the production process is complete and the chips are ready for consumption, they will be packaged according to the specifications for each variety.

Selection of Raw Materials

Every ingredient is meticulously chosen to ensure the highest quality. These are some of the ingredients used:

  • Sour Potato: They select large sour potatoes grown in the best fields of the Iberian Peninsula, where we have been working for over 35 years. The altitude, climatic, and geological conditions allow us to obtain a raw material of excellent quality to ensure the best potato chips.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Their potato chips are fried with authentic natural olive juice. It is a balanced blend of three different olive varieties, with very low acidity, selected at their optimal ripening time, and traditionally harvested from the olive groves of the Sierra Subbética in Córdoba, Spain
  • Salt: They use salt that has been transformed by the natural evaporation of seawater, to enhance and bring out the perfect flavor in our potato chips.
  • Sunflower Oil: In some of their potato chip ranges, they use high-quality sunflower oil, notable for its high vitamin E content. It is also very suitable for complementing other products and achieving potato chips with different flavors.

Range of Torres Chips Products

Earlier, we mentioned that our favorite flavor is truffle, but we must confess that it was very difficult to make this statement because they are all delicious! Here, we share a bit more about our variety of Torres potato chips.

Classics Varieties

Torres Chips Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The classics among classics, with the unmistakable flavor imparted by extra virgin olive oil from Córdoba, Spain. Made with 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A crunchy texture and just the right touch of salt, with the exquisite touch of Spanish extra virgin olive oil make them an irresistible snack.

Torres Chips Pimentón de la Vera (Smoked Paprika)

Another classic. Made with delicious smoked Pimentón de la Vera with certified origin. Perfect for pairing with anything you can imagine: Spanish tapas or added to your favorite recipes. An irresistible. snack 

Gourmet Tastes

Torres Chips Black Truffle

If you are a truffle lover like us, this is your flavor. Don’t hesitate, buy it now. Made with authentic truffle, they have just the right amount of flavor to always leave you wanting more. Pair these chips with cheese and a full-bodied red wine.

Iberian Ham Chips and Cheese

Iberian Ham Chips feature the intense, savory taste of jamón ibérico. Combine them with a selection of aged cheeses like Manchego or Gouda for a Spanish-style tapas experience.

Unique Experiences

Torres Chips Sparkling Wine

Thought you had seen it all? Think again. Here we present our Torres Chips Sparkling Wine. Potato chips with fruity notes and a light fizz. Perfect for surprising on any occasion. A fruity flavor with a slight bubbly effect, an exclusive and innovative snack. They are SPECTACULAR.

Torres Chips Caviar Chips (Seasonal flavor)

Torres Chips Caviar is another one of our weaknesses. Made with real caviar, only suitable for true caviar lovers, they are the perfect complement to pair with your favorite fish preserves. The only downside: this is a seasonal flavor and not available year-round, so stay tuned—we'll let you know when they're back in stock!.

Pickle Potato Chips

Another one of our bestselling flavors. A blend of tangy and salty flavors, ideal for a mid-morning snack or any time of day! With a mild and delicious pickle flavor that you'll love. The perfect complement to dishes like burgers and goes well with a good beer.

Fried Egg Chips

Capturing the essence of a classic fried egg. An award-winner flavor that will surprise you. Try making a Spanish tortilla using beaten eggs and Tres fried potatoes!

Vinegar Chips

Providing the perfect balance of acidity and savoriness. Ideal to eat as an appetizer and combine with come olives and a cold beer.


Consumer Reviews and Feedback

Consumer reviews and feedback provide invaluable insights into the popularity and quality of Torres Chips. It's no wonder they have become one of our best-selling brands. These reviews highlight the exceptional taste and premium ingredients that distinguish the brand.

Positive User Experiences

Users frequently praise the unique flavors and high-quality ingredients of Torres Chips. Comments often highlight the perfect balance of seasoning and the satisfying crunch of the chips. Here are some of the real comments we have received from our customers:

  • "The truffle flavor is evident but not overwhelming, making these chips perfect for snacking."
  • "Super delicious, just the right amount of salt, and incredibly crunchy and decadent."
  • "Fast delivery and excellent taste."

    Popularity Among Gourmets

    Gourmet snack enthusiasts and food connoisseurs often feature Torres Chips in their recommendations and reviews. The sophisticated flavors and artisanal preparation methods make them a favorite in gourmet circles.

    • "Perfect for serving at cocktail parties or special occasions."
    • "These are the only chips I buy now, worth every penny."

    Recipes and Serving Suggestions

    Discover creative ways to enhance your culinary experience with Torres Chips. From classic pairings to innovative recipes, there's something for every palate.

    Classic Pairings

    Torres Chips and Dips

    Pair Torres Chips with a variety of dips like guacamole, creamy spinach artichoke, or spicy salsa for a delightful snack experience.

    Tapas and Small Plates

    Complement tapas such as Jamón Ibéricohard cheese, or olives with Torres Chips for an authentic Spanish flair. 

    Where to Buy Torres Chips

    Finding Torres Chips in the United States is easier than ever thanks to various availability both in-store and online.

    Availability in the U.S.

    Torres Chips can be found in select gourmet grocery stores and specialty food shops across the United States. These locations often stock a variety of flavors, ensuring enthusiasts can easily access their favorite types. Check with your local high-end supermarket or gourmet shop to find these premium snacks.

    Online Purchasing Options

    For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, Torres Chips are available through various online platforms. These spaces not only make finding your favorite flavors simple but also provide the ease of home delivery.

    Ibérico Taste Store

    Ibérico Taste Store, specializing in Spanish products in the U.S., offers a comprehensive selection of Torres Chips. Their online store ensures a seamless buying experience, featuring a range of Torres flavors including the exquisite truffle and caviar varieties. Shopping at Ibérico Taste Store means you’re getting authentic Torres Chips delivered straight to your door.

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