Ciudad de Sansueña

Aged Sheep Cheese in Olive Oil by Ciudad de Sansueña



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We present to you one of our favorite cheeses, the aged cheese in olive oil by Ciudad de Sansueña. With an intense flavor and the juiciness provided by the olive oil, we assure you that you will fall in love with this cheese from the moment you open the jar and start taking out the cubes.

It is made using select raw sheep's milk from Spain, following a traditional recipe. The milk is thermized and unpasteurized to preserve all its natural and organoleptic properties. It acquires its characteristic color during the 11 months of maturation in the chambers. The result is a natural, unique, and healthy product that will delight our senses.

It comes presented in a beautiful bag with a ribbon, making it an original gift option. With this cheese, you will add a different and delicious touch to your Spanish cheese board!


How to pair the Cheese in Olive Oil?

For an authentic experience, we recommend eating it by spearing each cheese cube with a toothpick to pick it up and savor it. 

We recommend eating it with crusty bread or crackers like Picos Camperos. Pair it with grapes and, as with any good aged cheese, a sweet touch will be fantastic. You can achieve this by combining it with honey with nuts.

We also suggest a recipe for an authentic Spanish tapa: this cheese is perfect for creating your own skewers by spearing cheese cubes and membrillo quince paste on a toothpick.

And one more thing. Please, do not throw away the oil once you finish the cheese! Use it to make a Spanish tortilla with a cheesy touch or to dip bread with an anchovy on top. Be creative; there are many ways to use it!

  • Curation: 11 months
  • Origin: Product of Spain. Zamora, Spain
  • Size: 250g/8.81 oz
  • Ingredients: Raw sheep´s milk, salt, animal rennet, preservatives, egg lysozyme and virgin olive oil.



Customer Reviews

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Joel H

Different from any cheese I've tried before. The flavor and juiciness imparted by the oil are spectacular. I used the oil to marinate another Manchego cheese cut into cubes.