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Canned Sardines in Olive Oil by Real Conservera Española



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Awarded as the best canned sardines in the world, our Canned Sardines in Olive Oil by Real Conservera Española, one of the best sardines brand, are among the most gourmet Spanish tins.

Handpacked and toasted, its shiny silver color, creamy texture and intense fishy flavor are improved by the maceration in olive oil. This sardines come exclusively from the surroundings of the Galician estuaries (coastal fishing). They are the "pilchardus sardine" variety, specimens captured in the Atlantic Ocean. Each specimen is caught in the Atlantic during the season when it contains the most fat and at the most suitable time of day, respecting the principles of sustainable fishing and using traditional fishing methods.

Each sardine is meticulously cleaned by hand, undergoing an evisceration process where the head, tail, and any residue from the abdomen are removed with precision and care to maintain the integrity of the skin and flesh. After cleaning, the sardines are washed in brine and individually grilled, toasted to achieve the desired texture.


How to eat Canned Sardines?

The uses for canned sardines are countless. Being a highly versatile preserve, you can create endless recipes with canned sardines, You can add them in tomato sauce or sauté them in olive oil with garlic, onion, and tomato along with a splash of lemon juice, salt, and pepper. However, because it's a high-quality gourmet canned food, we recommend enjoying them simply with some bread and a glass of white wine. This way, you can fully appreciate their flavor.


Canned Sardines nutrients

Are canned sardines healthy? The answer is YES, very much so! It's a wonderful way to eat oily fish, necessary for a healthy and balanced diet. They are rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids.



This authentic food from Spain has been multi award-winner:

  • BEST CONSERVA OF THE WORLD Nº1 in its category of Sardine

  • TOP 10 of the general category

  • 2024 World’s 101 Best Canned Products from the Sea



Product of Spain. Galicia region, Spain



120 g/4.23 oz. 3-4 pieces


Sardines (69.3%), olive oil (29.2%), salt (1.5%).


Store in a cool, dry place. Keep refrigerated after opening.


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Rachel Gonzalez
Best sardines ever

The best sardines I've ever eaten!