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Pickled Banderillas Skewers



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Our Pickled Banderillas Skewers are a delicious and healthy snack made with pickled gherkins, pearl onions, olives and sweet red peppers skewered on toothpicks.

They are a healthy and delicious Spanish snack, very popular in the Spanish gastronomy, often served as part of Spanish tapas or as a snack and their tangy and salty flavor makes them a perfect accompaniment to drinks.


How to eat Banderillas?

Tradition dictates that everything should be eaten at once—that is, not eating each element of the skewer separately, but putting everything in your mouth at once to fully appreciate the flavor contrasts exploding inside. Pair it with a cold beer and some artisanal potato chips.

  • Origin: Product of Spain. Málaga, Spain
  • Size: 198 g/7 oz
  • Ingredients: Gherkins, onions, green olives, red pepper, chili, salt, vinegar, ascorbic acid, monosodium glutamato.


Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opened.

From Málaga, Spain

After a decade, Andalusian Olives has established itself as a brand synonymous with the utmost quality and prestige in the gourmet and food service sectors for the products it distributes. In its birthplace, Málaga, some of the world's most prestigious extra virgin olive oils and organic pickles are produced.

Our olives are cultivated by local farmers using ecological and sustainable practices. Harvested in the winter, they undergo extensive cleaning, maturation, and selection processes. Once they reach optimal ripeness for consumption, they are ready to add flavor to and complement a variety of dishes. Finally, they are packaged and shipped worldwide, allowing people everywhere to enjoy our Andalusian olives.