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Squid in its Ink by Real Conservera Española


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Our Squid in its Ink by Real Conservera Española is a culinary marvel in a tin. These gourmet Spanish canned seafood are the result of a meticulous process that enhances the incomparable flavor and smooth texture of these small treasures from the ocean.

Squid, sea creatures with tender and delicate meat, are captured at their optimal moment to ensure the freshness and quality that characterize our gourmet preserves. At Real Conservera, they know that quality begins at the source, which is why they carefully select the specimens we use in our preparations.

Squid ink is the distinctive ingredient that brings our squid in its ink to life. This exquisite ink, dark and full of intensity, is mixed with the finest olive oil and a carefully selected range of ingredients, creating a sauce that embodies the very essence of the sea. Each tin of squid in its ink contains this authentic marine flavor of the food from Spain.

The process of making this Spanish tin begins with their master preservers who, with skill and dedication, clean and prepare the squid. Each one is treated with care to highlight its marine essence and ensure its freshness. Once prepared, the squid is immersed in that ink and olive oil sauce made with 100% natural ingredients that gives it its characteristic flavor. The squid ink adds depth and richness to the dish, while the olive oil gives it a smooth texture and a touch of refinement.


How to eat Squid in its Ink?

To fully enjoy this marine delicacy, we recommend serving the squid in its ink over a bed of black rice. You can also add Aioli sauce on top. The combination is a true feast of flavors that will transport you to the Spanish coasts, where tradition and passion for good food are in perfect harmony.



Product of Spain. Pontevedra, Spain



130 g/4.58 oz


Squid (73.1%) and ink sauce (26.9%) [olive oil (16.2%), chopped onion (8.7%), chopped red pepper (4.4%), crushed tomato (3.5%), wine (0.9%), salt (0.4%), ink (0.2%), rice flour (0.2%), sweet paprika (0.08%), spicy paprika (0.03%)].


Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigerate after opening.


Customer Reviews

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Lewis W.
Amazon flavor

It was the first time I tried squid ink, and I have to say it won't be the last. It really enhances the flavor of the squid and adds juiciness to it. The delivery was fast and well-packaged. Thank you!!!