Whole Piquillo Peppers



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Experience the unparalleled taste and texture of our Whole Piquillo Peppers. With their extra quality, they are tender with a sweet and smoky flavor that will transport your palate to the heart of Spanish cuisine.

This a classic among the Spanish groceries. Piquillo peppers are a key ingredient in Spanish gastronomy, featured prominently in a wide range of dishes.


How to eat Piquillo peppers?

It's challenging to make a comprehensive list of how to eat piquillo peppers because their uses are endless. You can add them to your salad, slice them into strips to add to your potato salad, stuff them with seafood (we recommend Bonito del norte with mayonnaise or our king crab meat), or include them in your paella.



Product of Spain. La Rioja region, Spain



500 g/17.64 oz. 18-22 units per can.


Piquillo peppers, water, salt, and citric acid as an acidulant.


Store in a cool, dry place.